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Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed Ergonomic Wireless Gaming Mouse

Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed Ergonomic Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Iconic ergonomics now comes with limitless control, thanks to dual wireless connectivity via ultra-fast Razer™ HyperSpeed Wireless or Bluetooth providing an ultra-low latency wireless connection. 

Whether you’re mapping out the essentials or going all out with advanced macros, have all the control you need at your fingertips with 7 programmable buttons including two unique quick-access edge buttons and two side buttons.

The Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed can run using a single AA or AAA battery, the mouse’s hybrid battery slot gives you to option of longer battery life or lighter weight—all at an optimal position for balanced weight distribution.

With gold-plated contact points, the Razer™ Mechanical Mouse Switches Gen-2 are more resistant to degrading and have a longer lifespan of up to 60 million clicks.

Enjoy responsive, pixel-precise aim with an improved optical sensor that flawlessly tracks your movement with zero spinouts.  This wireless ergonomic gaming mouse glides smoothly across any surface with mouse feet made from the purest, highest grade of PTFE.


Ergonomic right-handed design
Dual-mode wireless (2.4G and BLE)
Up to 235 hours (2.4GHz), 615 hours (BLE) with included AA battery.
AA/AAA Hybrid battery slot (only one type at a time)
Optical Sensor
14000 DPI max sensitivity
300 IPS max speed
35 G acceleration
7 programmable butoons
Razer™ Mechanical Gen-2 Mouse Switches
60 million click switch lifecycle
On-board DPI and keymap storage
Undyed 100% PTFE mouse-feet
Gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel


Length: 127 mm
Grip width: 61.7 mm
Height: 42.7 mm
Weight: 86 - 103 g

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