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Next Level Racing

Next Level Racing F-GT Elite Wheel Plate Edition

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Product Information

Product Category: Sim Racing Cockpit

Brand: Next Level Racing

Warranty: 1 Year


Supported Height: 120 -210 cm or 4ft – 6ft 9 inches

Supported Max Weight: 150 kg

Product Dimensions: 120 (L) x 70(W) x 84(H)cm

Box Dimensions: 125(L) x 43(W) x 34.5(H)cm 

Product Weight: 53kg

Boxed Weight: 57kg 


*Does not include electronics or seat

 Part Number NLR-E001


Providing a competitive edge to virtual racers, the Elite series is used by racing professionals such as esports teams, race car drivers and sim racers seeking the ultimate in performance.


    • All in one cockpit with quick adjustments for all driving positions including true formula, GT, hybrid, truck, and tank
    • Rigid and highly adjustable mounting support included for your seat, wheel, pedals, shifter, handbrake
    • Post anodized custom carbon grey (scratch resistant) aluminium profile with premium carbon steel powder coated components
    • Pedal position height, angle and distance adjustable
    • Pre-machined holes in aluminium profile for rigidity and ease of assembly
    • Compatible and easy installation with Next Level Racing® Motion Platforms
    • All the extra’s included such as NLR seat slider system, seat brackets, height adjustable shock absorption feet, gear shifter & handbrake support plate, foot step, Buttkicker® gamer 2 adaptor, cable management clips, Motion Platform V3 adaptors, ratchet tool & more
    • Premium packaging including double boxing and foam moulded cut outs for aluminium profile and parts
    • T-slot extruded aluminium allows compatibility of accessories with other cockpit brands
    • Fully enclosed base frame for strength and aesthetics
    • Taller aluminium profile for wheel mount uprights allowing for wider range of driving positions and users
    • Compatible with all major brands of electronics for major brands of wheels, pedals and shifters including Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Logitech, Simxperience and many more

    • Elite Series Racing Cockpits

      The F-GT Elite pushes the boundaries of what is expected of an aluminium profile cockpit, setting a new standard for sim racing and a new benchmark for aesthetics, functionality and quality.

      Elite Series Racing Cockpits are designed from the ground up using custom premium parts, finish, components and cutting-edge manufacturing to provide a competitive edge to virtual racers seeking the ultimate in performance.

    • All-In-One, Multi Position Cockpit

      Whilst providing complete rigidity and ultimate adjustability the F-GT Elite cockpit offers true and comfortable Formula, GT, hybrid, truck and tank driving positions.

      The increased angle and range provided in the seat brackets, wheel and pedal plate caters for users of all sizes and driving styles by giving more adjustability than ever before.

    • Innovative Flex-Free Seat Slider and Bracket System

      The innovative Next Level Racing® seat sliding system has been designed and engineered to eliminate the issue of flex found in conventional simulation seat sliders. Ratchets are used to easily slide your seat back and forth to find the desired position for a flex free racing experience.
      The Next Level Racing® seat brackets are constructed from 5mm carbon steel to provide the rigidity required for high end sim racers. The new design provides more adjustability than ever before supporting multiple seating positions and options.

    Design Should Be Beautiful and Functional

    The F-GT Elite cockpit provides a long list of unique custom engineered components to provide users with the highest quality product and performance available.

    Rather than adapting industrial off the shelf components, Next Level Racing® are pioneering how aluminium profile cockpits should be designed. Profile pieces are pre-machined to allow for quicker, easier and stronger connections.

    The premium finish and materials, custom components and market leading design come together as a visual masterpiece.

    • Universal Sliding Pedal Plates

      Elite Series Racing Cockpits feature sliding pedal plates which provide quick and easy adjustment, supreme rigidity and a high level of compatibility with the continuously expanding pedal market.

      The pedal tray area has been designed to offer more angle, height and distance adjustments to accommodate for a wider range of driving positions.

    • Custom Profile and Post Anodizing

      The F-GT Elite features a custom base profile with thick walls that provide extra strength and refined aesthetics.

      The post anodized carbon grey profile not only looks visually stunning but also provides a scratch resistant finish. The post anodizing process means that even the ends of the profiles and holes are anodized for visual perfection and long term protection.

    • Motion Ecosystem

      Adding motion has never been easier as the F-GT Elite cockpit is compatible with all Next Level Racing® Motion products and designed for quick and simple installation with pre machined holes and included brackets.

    • Height Adjustable Shock Absorption Feet

      Uneven floors should never spoil your simulation experience.
      Next Level Racing® have kept this in mind when designing the Elite Series Cockpits with height adjustable feet allowing independent adjustment of each corner of the cockpit.

      The custom designed feet include shock absorption plugs
      designed to absorb vibrations and provide grip on slippery surfaces.

    • Ease of Assembly and Use

      Precision machined holes in the aluminium profile allow for easier assembly and a more rigid connection as the profile bolts together. The improved design avoids the hassles of aligning fiddly corner brackets.

      In addition, the laser etched line markings on the profile help you to assemble the cockpit and get racing even quicker.

    Next Level Racing

    Founded in 2009, Next Level Racing® is an award-winning simulation brand with a world class product range.

    Next Level Racing® continues to revolutionise simulation with innovative designs and technology that meets the demanding needs of sim racers and gamers.