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Digitus Display Port v1.4 (M) to DisplayPort v1.4 (M) 2m Video Cable AK-340106-020-S

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Digitus DisplayPort connection cable, DP M/M, 2.0m,w/lock, UHD 8K, Vers. 1.3/1.4, black AK-340106-020-S

  • Supported Video format: 4K/2K@120Hz, 5K@60Hz or 8K@30Hz
  • Transfer digital HD content to displays connected via DisplayPort
  • Supports resolutions up to max. 8K/30 Hz
  • Supports color depths up to max.: 24-bit RGB
  • Supports HDCP and DPCP encryption 

    This DisplayPort cable supports all of today's requirements - from the playback of high-resolution UHD 8K content through 8-channel audio transmission to the support of HDCP and DPCP encryptions. Mirror your laptop desktop on a large monitor or extend your desktop with another DisplayPort display. This high-quality cable allows rapid data transfer without jerking, even in demanding graphics applications or games.


    Transmission Rate Up to 32,4 GBit/s
    Support Up to 32,4 GBit/s
    Up to 4K/2K@120Hz (Ultra HD) resolution
    Up to 5K@60Hz (Ultra HD) resolution
    Up to 8K@30Hz (Ultra HD) resolution
    Video Resolution 7680 x 4320 dpi; 5120 x 2880 dpi; 3840 x 2160 dpi
    1-8 audio channels for audio transmission
    Colour Depth 24bit RGB
    Audio sampling rate 32-192 kHz by max. bitrate of 4.608 kB/s
    Connector surface nickel-plated
    Cable Colour Black
    Connector 1 DP, plug
    Connector 2 DP, plug
    HDTV Resolution max 7680 × 4320 Pixel, 60Hz
    HDTV Standard Ultra HD 8K
    Length 2 m