Rogue Computing - PC Service and Repair

Rogue Computing offers a wide variety of PC repair and servicing options.  If you have a request that isn't listed below, don't hesitate to contact us for information, advice or a quote. 

PC Cleaning 

Our cleaning service includes dusting and cleaning your system inside and out and a fresh application of thermal paste on your CPU and GPU. This can improve your PC's performance, restore optimum cooling and reduce noise levels.  $40.00

Fault Diagnosis

If your system is running slow or isn't working correctly our fault diagnosis service can identify the problem and advise the best course of action to solve it.  $50.00

BIOS Update

Updating your BIOS will ensure you have full compatibility with any hardware support, security updates and features that have been issued by your motherboards manufacturer.  If you are unsure how to update your BIOS we can take care of it for you.  $20.00


Our experienced team can overclock your hardware boosting the performance of your CPU, GPU and memory.  We stress test and optimize your system for stability, providing you with a safe overclock that you can run 24/7.  $55.00

Custom Build Assembly

This service includes assembly of your PC hardware, cable management and stress testing. With our build assembly service, simply purchase or provide the parts and we'll build your system for you.  $100.00   

Component Installation

If you are looking to upgrade, replace or add parts to your existing system our component installation service can take care of the installation for you.   $25.00 per component.

Case Swap

Whether you want to upgrade to a new and improved case or are just looking for a fresh aesthetic our case swap service takes care of transplanting your hardware into your new chassis.  $75.00

Laptop Hardware Installation

Our hardware installation service can assist you if you are looking to upgrade or replace your laptop's hard drive or memory.   $35.00 per component.

To request a service, repair or quote please provide details of what you require using the form below.